Stories From The Field

Messenger - Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Update: 4,500 Messengers Sent, 15,500 More to Go

4,500 solar-powered Messengers with built-in flashlight, FM radio, and gospel messages have been sent to Puerto Rico to encourage its citizens as they continue to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Messenger - Hungary
Beautiful Acceptance

Istvan Kocsis has made it his mission to serve the Roma people. Though not Roma himself, this husband and father lives in the town of Polgárdi, where he pastors a Roma church and is director of a primary school for Roma children. He’s also a friend of Tibor’s and a partner in ministry.

Messenger - Hungary
Together in the Light

Watch our film, “Together in the Light,” and experience firsthand Tibor’s passion for the gospel and his love for the people of Hungary.

Messenger - Hungary
Bridges to the Kingdom

Because of your faithful support, thousands of people in Hungary have received the Word of God. Please join us in praying for the people of Eastern Europe and beyond—that many more will soon respond to the call of Jesus and walk closely with Him.

Messenger - Hungary
Ministry in the Margins

While Tibor’s ministry to the blind and disabled continues to grow, he’s expanding his mission to the Roma—a people who share a long history of marginalization wherever they settle, including Hungary. Though there are many Roma villages to enter, Tibor wants to reach them all with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Messenger - Hungary
No Longer Strangers

There’s a long-standing rift between the churches of Hungary, but Tibor Miklós isn’t content to let it stay that way. He’s on a mission to unite congregations and denominations for the sake of the gospel—and he’s using the In Touch Messenger to do it.

Puerto Rico
Messengers for Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico continues to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, In Touch Ministries is providing the solar-powered Messenger with built-in flashlight and FM radio to those without electricity.

Enduring Witness

God wants your life to be one of influence—here, now, and forever.

Darkness Into Light

Tibor Miklós lost his sight, but he gained a vision to reach Hungary for Christ.

Messenger - Brazil
Spreading the Gospel in the Amazon

The Messenger is spreading the gospel down the Amazon River.

Messenger - Cuba
Report from Cuba

The church is alive and well in Cuba.

Messenger - Cuba
Winning Cuba For Christ

As part of the growing house church movement in Cienfuegos, Cuba, Arnaldo walks expectantly to the Life Principles Conference hosted by In Touch Ministries.

To the Heights

For missionary Reed Skinner, advancing God’s kingdom is quite literally an upward climb.

Messenger - Congo
Passing Along The Torch

Missionary Don Foster joins In Touch to distribute one of our newest devices.

Messenger - Congo
Commissioned to Congo

The Messenger Lab empowers missionaries Don and Jenya Foster in the DRC.